• About Bowen Games

    Bowen Games is a website dedicated to showcasing and providing support for the games developed by me, Michael Bowen. Currently I have released Pulling USA 2, Farming USA 2, Pulling USA, Farming USA, Truck Pulling, and Tractor Pulling.

    I do my best to make my games widely available and fun to play. My goal is to give the player an enjoyable experience and to promptly respond to any technical or gameplay issues in my games.

  • About Me

    My name is Michael and I WAS an Electrical Engineer. I enjoy programming and decided to try my hand at creating an Android application, which turned into Tractor Pulling, my first ever game and Android app. I love tractor pulling and programming, as I said, so it was a perfect mix. I have had to learn how to use a 3D engine, create 3D models, and develop for the Android platform, but it has been a very rewarding experience. Due to the great response to my tractor pulling game for Android, I started using Unity3D to create Farming USA and Pulling USA which are available on Google Play, Amazon, iOS, Windows Phone, and even PSVITA!

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    The forum is currently down. Please email me for any questions or help!